Cathay Pacific Airlines Air Fares
24.04.2014 11:11

                                       Cathay Pacific Airlines Air Fares | Image Resource : topnews.in

This airline has its base in the city of Hong Kong and with such a firm base; there has been immense growth in this airline over the years and this in turn has helped the aviation business thrive. This airline flies to over 114 destinations all across the world. Some of the locations that this airway flies to are Mumbai, Chennai, Bangkok and Tokyo etc. This amazing airway provides passengers with services like no other airline.

The Cathay Pacific Airlines Air Fares are very affordable. Tickets can be booked both online as well as through agencies that deal with travel services. If booked online, all details about the flight will be clearly mentioned and this makes the planning process very easy. Flight numbers, flight timings, availability of flights, departure and arrival dates, cheapest rates etc. can be gotten at the click of a button. Furthermore, the staffs are very helpful and patient.

The Cathay Pacific Airlines Air Fares can be purchased easily. There is a very strict policy on baggage that can be carried on the aircraft. In first class the hand luggage can be carried in 15 kg, business class travellers can carry 10kgs while economy class can carry only 7kg. The amount of luggage may vary from the class of ticket that has been purchased. If the traveller needs to extend the amount that he wants to carry, he may do so by paying the necessary amount at the check in counter. Thus book as soon as possible and fly at affordable rates!


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