Hotels In Saputara: A Holiday That You Would Cherish!
15.03.2014 20:35

A picturesque hill station located 1000 m above the sea level with a nice bracing cool climate, Saputara the 'Adobe of Serpents', is located in the forest region of Dangs of Sahyadari Ranges. The ambiance is very cool throughout the seasons and the maximum temperature experienced here is 28 degrees during summer. Saputara attracts lots and lots of tourists to its scenic lap, owing to its stunning view, lively location and cool climate. Hotels In Saputara are a wide variety ranging from budget to luxury.  

                                        Hotels In Saputara | Image Resource : gujarattourism.com

Shilpi Hill Resort in the heart of Saputara hill Station is one of the best Hotels In Saputara and is an elegant resort with modern rooms with thoughtful facilities. Shilpi Hill Resort follows the tradition of honouring guests with its unique combination of warm hospitality, grace and elegance. The hotel features well-decorated interiors, striking entrance and lobby area and is equipped with a range of modern and basic amenities including room service, internet, air conditioning, elevators, non-smoking rooms, parking, shopping, banquet facilities and many other services.

Aakar Lords Inn, a perfect destination for your dream holidays in the Dang forest renders the tourists a completely enchanting experience. Saputara is the only planned picturesque hill station of Gujarat with great recreation facilities and the hotel offers adventurous activities like boating and trekking. The rooms in this hotel have been appointed with comfortable beds, attached baths and air-conditioners. Each room comprises of colour television, mini bar, safe, tea/coffee maker, writing desk, Wi-Fi on charge, satellite television and many more.


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