Pune Airport – An Airbase Turned Into An Airport
15.04.2014 14:57

                                       Pune Airport | Image Resource : archive.indianexpress.com

Pune is among India's fastest growing cities and it is about to become a metropolitan city. Pune is among most advanced cities in Maharashtra after Mumbai. Pune has various renowned colleges and universities which has turned Pune into an Education Hub. Apart from this many Multinational companies have their corporate offices in Pune and conduct their operations from here. Pune airport is just 10 kilometers away from the city. Previously it was an air base for Indian Air Force known as 'Lohegaon Airbase'. It is maintained by Airport Authority of India (AAI). It conducts both Domestic and International flights to various locations.

There are two terminals at Pune airport. One is for domestic flights for more than 10 prominent cities in India subcontinent. All major carriers Air India, Jet Airways, Jet Konnect, Indigo, Spice jet and Go air operates their flights from here. Second terminal is dedicated to International flights for two important cities- Dubai (UAE) and Frankfurt (Germany). Air India Express and Lufthansa airlines render their services here. You can enjoy a good baggage service with all primary amenities like- trolley, belt conveyor. A quality cafeteria is available at Pune airport to give you a great food experience. You can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner at these 24/7 open restaurants. 'Flamingo duty free shops' are here to provide you goods at their genuine price. AAI has proposed a separate Cargo airport here in near future. A new International airport is also proposed in Chakan area. It will be dedicated for international flights only.  


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