Residency Towers Chennai : Regal And Rocking!
24.02.2014 15:24

Chennai is the gateway to South India and one of the four metropolitan cities of India. It is capital of Tamil Nadu state. The temples and the Marina beach attract many a tourist. Tamil tradition and culture are exemplified through clothes, dance, music, arts and sculpture. The cuisine is a sumptuous and the flavours are derived from spices, coconut and tamarind. Residency Towers Chennai is a splendid 4 star abode located centrally and is convenient for travellers.

Not too far from the airport and railway station, this hotel is a boon to the leisure and business traveller. The plush ambience, peaceful atmosphere and the lobby are inviting! The hospitality, good services and state of the art technology at Residency Towers Chennai makes the guests come back again. A swimming pool, children’s paddle pool, Spa and book centre are available. The hotel houses a beauty salon too. The business guests can make good use of the conference and meeting rooms which are well equipped. 

                        Residency Towers Chennai | Image Resource : giftvouchers.theresidency.com

The well furnished rooms have modern amenities and complimentary Wi-Fi access. Additional facilities of a hair dryer, table lamp, writing desk, laundry bag etc. are provided. They have three conference halls namely Senator, Emperor and Raj. The Banquet hall called ‘Town Hall’ that can accommodate 300 persons. Imperial and Regal are the meeting rooms. The hotel has three multi cuisine restaurants that serve authentic South Indian food, Oriental and Continental food. Bike & Barrel pub is designed like a water hole with barrel shaped stands and chesterfield sofas. 


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