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14.03.2014 10:45

                                                 Go Airlines | Image Resource: damontucker.com

GoAir is a low-cost airline having its base and the main hub in Mumbai, secondary hub at the IGI airport in Delhi and the focus cities being Bengaluru and Srinagar Airport. Go airlines commenced operations in the year of 2005. It has a fleet size of 18 aircraft and provides connectivity to 21 destinations within India.

The airline operates Airbus aircraft and provides only Economy Class seating for all its passengers. As such, there are no complimentary meals. However, the passengers have the option of buying food on-board the flight.

Though a low-cost airline, it offers several facilities for the convenience of the passengers. The web check-in option and the tele check-in facilities have made the travel an easy task for the passengers. The website of the airline is even simpler to use and understand.

The passengers can search for the flights, book the tickets, modify the booking and even cancel their tickets. They can pay for the tickets online too, with their credit cards. Presently, the airline gives the option to the passengers to pre-book their meals online by paying extra.

A new initiative that the airline has started is the option to get a Business Class feel in an Economy Class seating. With this option, the passengers will get more privacy and elbow room along with hot complimentary meals. Additionally, they will get an extra baggage allowance of up to 35 kilograms. The passengers will have to pay an extra rate to enjoy these facilities.

Go Airlines keeps coming up with several initiatives and new facilities for the comfort and convenience of the passengers.

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