Why Air India Express Online Booking Is Better
26.05.2014 14:37

Though there are a number of budget airlines offering tickets on different routes, Air India Express continues to be a popular airline with frequent fliers in India for a variety of reasons. It is one of the few full service airlines operational in India today, and meals and refreshments are served during the flight free of cost. Almost all other airlines charge a substantial amount for meals and refreshments, so a person who does not wish to spend extra money on meals while traveling should opt for Air India Express online booking.

                           Air India Express Online Booking | Image Resource: airplane-pictures.net

Due to the high level of competition often there is not much difference in the pricing for Air India express tickets and the budget airline ticket pricing for many routes, especially during off peak hours, and on routes where the number of passengers for a particular flight is less. Though it is possible to book the tickets through a travel agent, it can be inconvenient for travelers who need to book a flight at the last minute, just a few hours before the journey. The travel agent may be closed at night on weekends and holidays.

By using Air India Express online booking the traveler can check the various options available for the journey, the variations in pricing and the availability of seats. Often the airline will have a number of flights on the same route, and there may be differences in the ticket pricing depending on the demand for seats on the flight. Tickets for early morning flights are in demand, but during the day, the prices are usually lower.



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